Creating A Positive Moving Experience
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Creating A Positive Moving Experience

Do you remember the last time you started thinking about moving? If you are like most people, you might be nervous about an upcoming move, since they typically involve a lot of work, packing, heavy lifting, and frustration. Although it might seem difficult to relocate, things don't have to be hard. By understanding the moving process and working with the right people, you can prevent issues in the first place. I wanted to start focusing on creating a positive moving experience for other people, so I started working hard towards creating an excellent website. Read more about moving now and how you can enjoy a happier existence.


Creating A Positive Moving Experience

Break Your Move Down Into 3 Phases

Rodney George

In even just a few short years of living in a home, the amount of stuff that you own can grow greatly. Those who have lived in the same home for many years may suffer a bit of shock when it comes time to move into a new home. If you have a lot of stuff to move from one home to another, take a minute to read through the following article to learn how to break your move up into three phases to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Phase 1 – In-Home Storage Spaces

You know the things that you don't use more than once a year or not at all? These are the things that are typically stashed in those in-home storage spaces. This is your starting point – Phase 1. If you have a ton of stuff stored away in these places, consider renting a portable storage unit. This type of storage unit is delivered to your home and left for you to fill up with all of your stuff. When you're done filling it, you call to have the company come and pick it up and either deliver it to your new home or store it on one of their lots. The unit can be stored until you are settled into your new home and are ready for your unused items to be delivered.

Phase 2 – Items Used Occasionally

Let's face it – you don't wear most of the clothes in your closet, the kids don't play with most of the toys in the playroom and the tools in your garage only come out once in a while. The things that you use, but don't use often, can be packed up and moved during phase 2.

Pack this type of item up a couple of weeks before your move and label each box clearly. You may even want to take pictures of the things that you think you might need before the others and tape the picture to the side of the box so you know exactly where to find it when you do need it.

Phase 3 – Everyday Items

The day or two leading up to your move is the time to pack up the stuff that you use every day. These are the boxes that absolutely need to be labeled and loaded into the moving truck last. You want these items to be the last on the truck so that they are the first off of the truck.

Talk with your local moving company to learn more about moving in phases rather than one exhausting swoop.