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Creating A Positive Moving Experience

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Creating A Positive Moving Experience

Been Transferred Out Of State? How To Prepare For A Cross-Country Move

Rodney George

Now that you've made the decision to move to another state, it's time to get the gears in motion. If all your previous moves were local, you've got your work cut out for you. Moving to another state is a lot different from moving to another city. For one thing, you can't make back-and-forth trips with your car to get your belongings moved to your new place. If you're moving to another state, you're going to need a moving company. The moving company will take care of all the heavy lifting for you, but you'll still have some work to do, especially if you want to avoid complications along the way. Here are three important steps you'll need to take to prepare for your move.

Identify the Mode of Transportation

When you hire a moving company to take care of your cross-country move, you may think that they're just going to head off with your belongings, and meet you there. However, in most cases that's not the way it works. On your moving date, the movers will arrive at your home, and pack up all your belongings into their truck. From there, they may stop by another home to pick belongings from that location. Once the truck is loaded, it will be taken to a main transportation hub for that company, and unloaded. Your belongings will then be sorted, and packed into a different truck, and sent on its way. When hiring a moving company, you'll want to find out how many times your belongings will be loaded, and unloaded along the way. This will help you get an idea of where your belongings will travel, and how long the actual delivery could take.

Prepare for Your Expected Delivery Window

If there is going to be a significant delivery window, possibly a couple of weeks, before your belongings will be delivered to your new home, you need to be prepared. Be sure to keep extra clothes, personal hygiene supplies, prescription medication, and important papers with you. This will ensure that you're able to wait until the movers arrive with your belongings. It's also a good idea to add some money to the moving budget so you can pick up the supplies you'll need while you're waiting.

Plan for Your Vehicle Transportation

If you own multiple vehicles, but you're only going to be driving one of them, you'll need to arrange transportation for your other vehicles. Auto transport companies will pick your vehicles up, and ship them to your new home. However, it can take some time to arrange for auto shipping, so you'll want to begin the process a few weeks before your actual moving date arrives. If you're unsure about how to arrange shipping for your vehicle, ask your moving company. They may be able to provide you with a list of companies that provide those services.

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