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Creating A Positive Moving Experience

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Creating A Positive Moving Experience

Three Things You Need To Do Before The Movers Arrive

Rodney George

There are a lot of things you need to remember during the process of moving, but the day the movers arrive to load your household items to their truck, there are certain things you should make sure to do before their arrival. The following are three of the most important:

Make sure everything is packed

Everything that can go in a box should already be in a box, and the box should be sealed and labeled. The only thing the movers should have to do is stack them up and take them out on a dolly. Too often people are still packing when the movers arrive, thinking that they can finish while the movers take the other boxes. This is rude, and it assumes you know how much time they need to do their job. Make sure everything is done before they arrive. If the job of packing is too big for you, then have professional packers do the work. Moving companies sometimes offer this service, but there are also companies that specialize in packing.

Make sure large items are ready for moving

If there is one thing that frustrates movers when they arrive is large items that are not ready for moving. In general, all large items should be able to fit through the door. However you originally got them into your home, they need to be taken out the same way. Large tables may need to be disassembled. Smaller items should be ready as well. Lamps should have their electrical cords secured tot he lamps. Lampshades should be removed and the light bulbs taken out. When you look at your household items, just ask yourself if everything is ready for the movers to pick up and take to the moving van. If there are any questions about moving a particular item, you need to ask before the moving day arrives.

Remove your children and pets

This is a constant irritation for movers. The need to keep an eye out for children running around while they are trying to load their moving van is not only a distraction, but it is also a safety hazard. The same can be said for pets,e especially dogs. If you have a spouse, you or your spouse can take the children to the local park or another place to entertain them while the truck is loaded. Leaving them with a relative, friend or neighbor is another good idea. Without kids around, the movers will work faster.

If you can remember to take care of the three things listed above, your moving day will be fast and efficient. You can then focus on getting you and the rest of your family to your new home. Contact local moving companies for more information and assistance.